Scrappy Brown's: Craft Cocktails, Food, and Culture

Chef Chris Williams (Lucille’s) expands his Southern comfort offerings with the recent opening of Scrappy Brown’s, a bar and grill concept. Inspired by Houston icehouses, Scrappy Brown’s serves as Williams’ foray into a more laid-back dining environment.

Scrappy Brown’s is a place that reflects the surrounding community. It’s  nestled in Third Ward on Almeda Road. From the locally-influenced artwork to the cocktails named after iconic streets, the feel is distinctively Houstonian. Scrappy Brown’s oozes the friendly, neighborhood feel that chain establishments like Applebee’s and TGI Fridays have tried (and failed) to achieve.  This is probably due to the fact that the owners and employees are rooted in the community. An exterior sign on the patio advertises craft cocktails, food, and culture; you will get just that.

The atmosphere and menu selection is very organic—not forced or gimmicky.You’ll find traditional dishes with extreme southern takes, Like the oxtail poboy, Fried Chicken With Grilled Chesse Sandwich, and Scrappy Burger. The truffle fries are a must try.

SB’s is home to more than good food! Craft cocktails honoring iconic neighborhood streets act as the star of the bar program, with options like Scrappy Brown’s signature drink, the Southmore — an iced tea cocktail with floral and fruit. It is described as “refreshing, with a rich tea backbone component, and a subtle fruit note without being too sweet”. 

Sometimes things really are all they’re cracked up to be! The menu blurbs and items themselves let you know that the people behind SB’s know good food. The flavors and environment are true to Houston and thoughtfully reflect southern black influences.

4830 Almeda Road 

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