Songkran Thai Kitchen: True.Authentic.Traditional

Songkran Thai Kitchen: True.Authentic.Traditional

Authenticity ---- a term that is often cast about like a worn pair of sneakers, taken for granted like the law of gravity. We all spend our lives seeking out authentic experiences, and everything and everybody) claims to be an authentic something or the other; especially those imploring you to separate yourself from your hard-earned cash in exchange for their service.

Indeed, it is the responsibility of the observer or consumer to render the final judgement on just how authentic what’s in front of us truly is or is not. And the measure often boils down to little more than a gut feeling; sometimes, you just know. Such is the case with Songkran, the increasingly-popular Thai kitchen stationed in two locations (UpTown Park near the Galleria, Sugar Land Town Square) in Houston. Whether you’re a born and bred Thai, or had never heard of Thailand at all before reading this, when a plate of searing-hot, mouth-wateringly tender Wagyu beef short rib is set down in front of you, begging for consumption, there’s not a sliver of doubt that this is, in fact, the real deal.

Chef and owner Junnajet “Jett” Hurapan prides himself and his work on this very aspect, ensuring that his signature dishes stay true to the spirit and culture of their homeland.

“If you go and have dinner in Thailand, this is exactly what the dishes will look and taste like”, he explained.

While I have personally never been to Thailand, the presentation, attention to detail, and --- most importantly --- the taste of the fare have me absolutely convinced. The Green Curry chicken, rife with an array of savory vegetables from green beans to bamboo shoots, left me fervently checking my pockets in search of my passport.

If you’re looking for exemplary Thai cuisine and an excellent array of custom cocktails (the Mekong Margarita rimmed with chili pepper flakes is reserved for the bold) Songkran should definitely sky rocket to the top of your docket.

Mekong Margarita

Sai Krok Moo


Pra Lam dem Dong


Longan & Thai Iced Tea

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