Nothing But GOOD Vibes At The New Nourish Juice & Smoothie Bar

Nothing But GOOD Vibes At The New Nourish Juice & Smoothie Bar

When Jessica Huffman opened Nourish Juice Bar a little over a month ago, she didn’t make any traditional promotional efforts or formal announcements. “I just opened the doors”, she said. “Everybody that’s come in has either been by word of mouth, or just by seeing us here in the neighborhood.”

That organic, go-with-the-flow motif has more or less carried throughout the continued growth of the Montrose-area health shoppe. There was a meticulous thematic blueprint behind the seafoam green walls, or the pearl-white bar top. Even the names of some menu items like the “Juan Carlos”, are essentially random acts of impulse.

In fact, maybe the only thing that is a matter of planning and great attention to detail is the concoctions themselves. Jessica takes greats pride in formulating productive, synergistic recipes with ingredients that her customers can reap the maximum amount of benefits from. “We pair everything to where it works in your body, versus just throwing a bunch of ingredients at you and letting you pee out all of the nutrients,” Huffman explains.

There’s also a major emphasis on serving non-pasteurized juices---which, of course means anything that isn’t purchased goes to waste. But for Jessica, it’s a gamble she’s willing to take.

“If your food lasts forty-five days, it’s not raw anymore----it’s dead food. Ours is alive, and we take the risk of it not selling. It’s more expensive for us, but that’s kind of what we’re all about.”

This holistic approach---using juice to cleanse, heal and rehabilitate the body is not exactly a novel idea, but it’s one that the brains at Nourish have definitely sought to innovate by making blends that are not only good for you, but stimulate the palate as well. One of their top sellers, the “Pink Star Burst” is an anti-inflammatory, rich in vitamin C. And, of course, as its name suggests, tastes just like the most popular of all Starburst flavors. Offerings like these are what distinguish Nourish from the pack in terms of both creativity and quality.

Ultimately, though, what Jessica hopes to be the true trademark of her work is emblazoned in black spray paint on the floor of its threshold----the mandate for “good vibes only”.

“Even when we have our bad days, we still put on our smiles and try to have every person that walks in here leave even happier than when they came in,” Jessica says. “I was blessed with high energy, and to find an outlet for that that benefits the public----and them be receptive to that-----is probably the best thing in the world.”

Whether you’re looking to take on one of their cleanse packages, or just want to drop in occasionally for healthy-alternative snack and a complimentary dose of positive energy, Nourish Juice & Smoothie Bar is definitely somewhere you need to check out.

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